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Straw macking machine manufacturer

A series of parallel spaced-apart radial cutters secured to said shaft and each in register with one of said slots, said cutters being thinner than the width of said slots, power means to rotate said shaft, said cutters, when rotating, passing through said slots without contacting the edges of said slots and projecting above said top to engage and cut the straw machine and eject the cut straw underneath said top, said body also forming underneath said top a curved passage in communication at one end with said slots and opening at the other end at the exterior of said body by means of a discharge opening made in one of said side walls of said body, whereby the straw cut by said cutters is directly ejected by the latter through said passage and said discharge opening, said series of cutters extending along said shaft through a radius of the circular path described by the radially outermost corner of the bottom surface of said bale of straw macking machine, during rotation of the latter, whereby said cutters sweep the entire bottom surface of said bale of straw during each complete rotation
A manually movable drinking straw machine serving to dinsintegrate and hash the straw from a bale of compressed straw in the form of a block, said machine comprising a body, a handbar fixed to said body, support wheels and a steering wheel mounted underneath said body for supporting and steering the same by means of said handbar , said body having a top and side walls, said top being normally in horizontal position and provided with a row of narrow straight slots substantially parallel and slightly spaced one from the other, a tube fully opened at both ends and mounted upright on said top in register with the row of slots, guide means mounted on said top to support said tube in an upright position while allowing said tube to rotate about its longitudinal axis, said tube defining guiding surfaces engageable with the side faces of a bale of compressed straw cutting machine inserted within said tube, said guiding surfaces allowing downward sliding movement of said bale of straw under its own weight until the bottom surface of said bale of straw rests.