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Our company has developed a drinking straw machine smoothly

The drinking straw machine, straw making machine, straw machine for the European Union cerium proved that has been proven, paid attention to 1067 in 2009 August. Today, the PLA straw request becomes aware by the environmental protection person grows more and more. PLA is the biological decomposable polyactic acid is short, belongs to the polyester family. The Polylactic acid is the lactic acid by polymer polymerization main raw material, raw material originates may regenerate fully, the main corn, takes raw material the cassava. Clean Poly-lactic produces the acid function the process and achieves cyclical the biological decomposable product essentially, it is an ideal green polymerization material. But the straw production's PLA material is the very high-tech request, our company has developed a PLA sucker machine and the drinking straw machine smoothly.
Several years ago, we look at this kind of busy scene each work frequently at the straw business in the workshop person. The sucker and the plastic packing are invested directly in the sky. But, the labor cost grows. And brings the health by Hand-packed the question is rambunctious. More and more packing sucker manufacturer needs the automatic baler, but is not we manual thought urgently we the customer needs our responsibility. In 2003, through ours company's technical team diligently, the straw machine birth which China's first drank. Drinks the straw baler's development changes slow rapid completely, not hygienic environment and hand packing expensive person labor fact. More than drink the straw making machine possibly replaces 15 individual hand packing.